Who’s Ready to Blog a Book?

With only days left before I start blogging my book, I’ve been prepping the final details for the overall flow of the posts, starting to build my publication, and crafting tools I can share in various posts. I am behind where I wanted to be, but as I had given myself a Smashing Keys challenge in July (one post a day for 31 days on anything and everything), I feel pretty good.

In June, I was at a crossroads. I was doing my mid-year check-in with myself and my progress against my goals. For the previous six months (and if I am being honest previous six years), I’ve had the goal to become a writer and blogger. Unfortunately, six years and six months later I hadn’t taken any meaningful steps to make that happen. Sure there have been lots of false starts — buying a domain, starting to build a blog, doing research — but none of these were actually making writing happen. There was lots of doing, but that doing wasn’t writing.

At that moment when I was just about to give up, I saw the Blog-Your-Own-Book (BYOB) challenge. Suddenly, I could see a path forward. My challenge with writing is that it has always felt so big and overwhelming. When I feel overwhelmed, I then feel that I need to do more research to “find the right way.” While it feels productive, it is a nasty and dirty lie. I am just doing research, not writing.

With the challenge, I have been shaping up my topics, themes, and structures for each of my blog posts and then revising accordingly. Never once have I had to stop and “find the better way”, I could just execute against the steps and see the fruits of my labor. Even better, I could start envisioning what the book will look like.

While I still have a lot to do, I am so damn proud of the fact that I am (finally) going after my goal rather than just thinking and analyzing how I might, someday, in the far distant future, start writing.

So when you have a major goal that you want to accomplish, find a strategy/toolkit/approach and just try it. Don’t over-analyze if it is the right one or the best one because the reality is it is exactly right to getting you started and that is what is important.



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